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Miracle Child
MAY 15, 2022
Leia welcomes Ashley, mom of a survivor and three spunky girls. Her daughter Emory fought Glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. In honest words the odds were stacked against her but through faith, courage, support and a miracle Emory is now thriving! Emory was on life support, her organs start...
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Finding Your New Normal
MAY 08, 2022
Finding Your New Normal Leia welcomes childhood cancer survivor Aly! Aly was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of six and has been advocating for childhood cancer awareness ever since. Aly shares hardships she has faced after treatment and how in life you have to find your ...
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A Friend For a Friend
MAY 01, 2022
Leia welcomes Tyler, the owner of Bridges of Gold and creator and host of the Bridges of Gold “The Podcast” Bridges of Gold's mission is to connect nonprofits and families facing childhood cancer. Her experience with her daughter's battle with Leukemia opened the door to a new calling in life....
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Grieving with Strength
APRIL 24, 2022
Joel is the father of Mia, a cancer warrior. Mia gained her angel wings in 2018 after a strong battle against childhood cancer.  Leia and Joel discuss how to find strength in the midst of your darkest hours. Joel shows us how to give back when you have nothing to give. Joel is the co-foun...
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Rare Disease?
APRIL 17, 2022
Rare Disease?  Meet Shannon a superstar human! Shannon was diagnosed with a rare vascular compression syndrome known as Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrom. MALS causes severe pain after eating, drinking, exercising, and the inability to take deep breaths. Shannon shares her wisdom on how to ...
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I Can't Die I'm Busy
APRIL 10, 2022
Leia welcomes Lisa, a super mom on a mission! Lisa is changing the game on brain cancer research and helping so many parents get their children the best treatment. Lisa works in honor of her son, Jace, in making his dream come true - help end DIPG Brain Cancer! Lisa shares her son's powerful i...
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Twins vs. Cancer
APRIL 03, 2022
Twins VS. Cancer Leia welcomes Maryanne, mom to Crown-A-Kid recipients Ella and Eve! Maryanne is a childhood cancer survivor herself and is fighting alongside her twin daughters as they battle Retinoblastoma at the age of four. Leia’s Kids crowned Ella and Eva and surprised them with a princes...
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Just Do It
APRIL 18, 2021
He said what?!Join Leia and her good friend Mehgan on the final episode of season two! Big time dreamers and visionaries, Leia and Mehgan, give practical steps on how to truly LIVE! After facing a hard realization, Mehgan now lives life and says yes to anything and everything.. she says to just d...
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Just Keep Swimming
APRIL 11, 2021
Want to hear the craziest story to ever bring someone to Jesus? Do you fight for yourself? Do you seek community? Do you communicate properly? These are questions that our guest, Jacob DiSanza answers on this episode. Grab a seat and get ready to take notes because Jacob brings the good news and ...
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Man Up!
APRIL 04, 2021
It’s time to….. MAN UP! Join Leia and Oliver as they dive into a man’s role in a family household, what it means to serve as a father and how to be a hustler.. The right way! Need a push to live intentionally and abundantly? Then, just click play. It’s that simple.  Thanks for joining us & welcom...
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